What does po mean in texting? (2024)

What does po mean in texting?

Peace Opportunity. showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 100 definitions)

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What is PO short for?

PO is an abbreviation for Post Office.

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Does PO mean anything?

A purchase order (PO) is an official document outlining expectations between the supplier and buyer.

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What is PO for a person?

Probation/Parole Officer. Joe was made to report to his PO every weekend for a mandatory drug test.

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Is PO PO a slang word?

Police. Po-po is a slang name for one or more police officers, typically "police." While some people may use it in a derogatory manner, many use it because it is shorter (and more fun) to type and say. You may see or hear the po-po term online or in-person to refer to a police presence.

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What type of word is PO?

Po is a noun - Word Type.

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What is PO in social media?

PO on social media is an acronym for “public outreach,” which is used to refer to the practice of engaging with customers, potential customers, and the public on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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What does hi po mean in slang?

The word HIPO is an abbreviation of the German word Hilfspolizei ("auxiliary police").

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What does po-boy mean in text?

noun Southern U.S. (chiefly Gulf States). poor boy.

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Where does PO come from?

Po was born as "Lotus" in a remote farming village populated entirely by pandas.

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What language uses PO?

Discovering Languages: Saying “Yes po” to the Tagalog Language and Filipino Culture. Learn about the many connections that Tagalog has with other languages and cultures.

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What does PO mean in gaming?

Putout (PO) | Glossary | MLB.com.

What does po mean in texting? (2024)

Where does the slang po po come from?

Etymology. From reduplication of the abbreviation PO (“police officer”), originally in reference to partnered bike officers in Southern California whose paired shirts would read POPO.

Where did the slang po po come from?

But one of the most popular slang terms for the local police today is “popo”. The word has its origins in 1980s southern California, where T-shirts bearing “PO” (“police officer”) worn by cops on bicycles would, with officers riding in pairs, spell out “POPO”.

What is papo?

noun. crop [noun] (of certain birds) the first stomach, which hangs like a bag from the neck. roll [noun] a thick mass of flesh.

What does Popo mean in the UK?

slang word meaning police. Submitted By: LexicalItem - 14/09/2018.


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