What do yktv mean in text? (2024)

What do yktv mean in text?

YKTV. You know the vibe.

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What does YKDV stand for?

Why? Because YKDV Bossman Fat is the rap name of one Kelvin Joseph, UK's new addition to its secondary by way of transfer out of LSU. YKDV (You Know Da Vibe) Bossman Fat already has six albums by the young age of 19, and the lyrics are a little too aggressive for you to be playing in your cubicle at work.

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What does 🤙 mean in slang?

The middle finger emoji represents the physical act of raising one's middle finger—considered an obscene gesture in many cultures—and is used for offensive or humorous effect.

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What does Ky mean in text?

KY means being unable to read the situation or being unable to pick up on the mood of a conversation.

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What does Pmoy mean on Snapchat?

PMOYS is an internet acronym standing for put me on your story or put me on your Snapchat, in reference to the massively popular social-media app.

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What does YKW mean in Snapchat?

"You Know Who" is the most common definition for YKW on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. YKW. Definition: You Know Who.

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What does 🥜 mean in chat?

It is mainly used to represent a butt in digital communication, and so is more commonly called the butt emoji.

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What does 🖖 mean from a guy?

🤗 (Smiling Face with Open Hands) Meaning From A Guy This is generally regarded as sending a hug.

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What does 👁👄👁 mean from a girl?

What does 👁👄👁 mean? " It is what it is" It's a modern, emoji take to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in these new and unusual times. " 👁👄👁 means you feel helpless amidst the chaotic realities unfolding around us, but there is no escape." – @JoshConstine.

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What does * MK * mean?

Basically, "mk" is just another way to say "ok," so you can pretty much use them interchangeably. Just keep in mind that "mk" can come off as sarcastic, so be sure to include some clear context to avoid any accidental text arguments.

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What does it mean to YEET?

Yeet is a slang word that functions broadly with the meaning “to throw,” but is especially used to emphasize forcefulness and a lack of concern for the thing being thrown. (You don't yeet something if you're worried that it might break.)


What does NYF mean in text?

"Not Your Fault" is the most common definition for NYF on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. NYF. Definition: Not Your Fault.

What do yktv mean in text? (2024)

What does SFS mean Snapchat?

SFS stands for "Snapchat for Snapchat". It is a code used on the platform to request a Snapchat follow back. In other words, it is a way for users to request that their friends follow them back on the platform. When someone writes "SFS" in a Snap or a Chat, they are asking their friend to follow them back on Snapchat.

What does Wywtd mean on Snapchat?

"Wyd" is an abbreviation for "what (are) you doing," according to Dictionary.com.

What is SFS on Instagram?

On Instagram, #SFS is a hashtag that indicates a user is looking for a shoutout for shoutout or spam for spam, which is a way to cross promote posts on the platform.

What does FFF mean in Snapchat?

Fff stands for “follow-for-follow” on social media apps.

A lot of people like having a lot of followers because it means they're popular online. “Follow-for-follow” is a proposition that if you follow the person messaging you, they'll follow you back so that you both win!

What does TYVM mean urban dictionary?

TYVM. This is an earnest expression of gratitude: TYVM means “Thank You Very Much.” If you're seeing this one in a social-media post … you know you've done something right.

What is urban slang for TFTI?

TFTI is a texting and social-media acronym that means thanks for the invite, and is usually used sarcastically, when someone has not been invited.

What does YKWIM mean urban dictionary?

(text messaging) Initialism of you know what I mean.

What does NYS stand for Snapchat?

"New York" is the most common definition for NY on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.


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