How to compliment a guy on his looks through text? (2024)

How to compliment a guy on his looks through text?

Playfully teasing him will make him blush a little from embarrassment. Just don't say anything that's too mean, or else you'll hurt his feelings. Sending flirty, playful messages is a great way to turn him on and make him blush.

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How do you compliment a guy over text examples?

Best Ways to Compliment a Guy Over Text
  1. I already miss your handsome face.
  2. Can't believe how awesome you were in class today.
  3. I keep thinking about how great you looked in that shirt.
  4. Just thinking about you and how amazing you are.
  5. You looked great today. ...
  6. You're the kind of person it's hard to stop thinking about.

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How do you tell a guy he's amazing through text?

Keep it short with perfect one-word compliments and find him happy.
  1. Don't change.
  2. That's an intoxicating smile.
  3. Loving you is so easy.
  4. You are handsome beyond words.
  5. I admire your intelligence.
  6. You are a charismatic man.
  7. You are so huggable.
  8. I feel so safe with you.
Feb 17, 2023

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How can I make a guy blush over text?

Playfully teasing him will make him blush a little from embarrassment. Just don't say anything that's too mean, or else you'll hurt his feelings. Sending flirty, playful messages is a great way to turn him on and make him blush.

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What can I say instead of hey handsome?

  • attractive.
  • beautiful.
  • clean-cut.
  • dapper.
  • elegant.
  • good-looking.
  • graceful.
  • lovely.

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How do you compliment a handsome guy?

Compliments for Him about His Looks
  1. You are so handsome. ...
  2. You have a great sense of style. ...
  3. I love to watch you move. ...
  4. Just looking at you makes me smile. ...
  5. When I look into your eyes, I see intelligence, humor, and kindness. ...
  6. You smell fantastic. ...
  7. Your smile is my favorite thing. ...
  8. Don't rush to shave on my account.
Apr 7, 2023

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How do you compliment your crush on his looks?

For example, say, “You've got a radiant smile” instead of, “I love your smile.” It's subtle, but it can make your compliment a little less obvious. Compliment something about what they're wearing—like "It's cool how your yellow shoes match the yellow in their shirt."

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How to compliment someones appearance without sounding creepy?

Here are a few tips and tricks!
  1. Be Unique.
  2. Be Sincere.
  3. Don't Just Compliment Physical Appearance.
  4. Don't Be Too Literal.
  5. Beware of Backhanded Compliments.
  6. Context is Key.
  7. Catcalls are NOT Compliments.

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How do you subtly compliment someone's appearance?

If you're not very close with the person, I would suggest using more “innocent” words like good, cute etc. “You look really good with that new hair!” If you're close, then you can feel more comfortable using words like gorgeous, beautiful, etc.

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How do you compliment a guy without saying cute?

Talk about something that he's wearing that looks great on him or talk about his look in more broad terms. Either way, he'll appreciate it. You could use more broad compliments like, “You really know how to put an outfit together,” “Wow! You clean up nicely,” or “You're looking sharp.”

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How do I make him a better Texter?

Tips To Keep The Conversation Engaging When Texting A Guy
  1. Benefits Of Texting. Offers a direct line of communication between people. ...
  2. Texting Etiquette. ...
  3. Use An Upbeat Tone. ...
  4. Keep It Simple To Start The Conversation. ...
  5. Give Him A Reason To Respond. ...
  6. Talk About Common Interests. ...
  7. Ask Fun, Open-Ended Questions. ...
  8. Make Him Feel Special.
May 15, 2023

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How do you text a guy in a cute way?

How to Text Message Someone You Like
  1. 1 Reach out and text first.
  2. 2 Open the conversation with a personal touch.
  3. 3 Send a funny, playful message.
  4. 4 Give your crush compliments.
  5. 5 Get flirty with your crush.
  6. 6 Ask open-ended questions.
  7. 7 Chat about your mutual interests.
  8. 8 Text them photos of your day.

How to compliment a guy on his looks through text? (2024)

What is the male version of gorgeous?

Usually gorgeous is used to describe a woman and to say a man is gorgeous is an extravagant praise, than when used in reference to a woman. A gorgeous man is a breathtakingly handsome man. Better use is handsome or very handsome.

What is the guy version of pretty?

HANDSOME. adjective: (of a man) good-looking.

What is a word to call a handsome man?

adonis Add to list Share. An adonis is a very handsome man, especially a young one. You might secretly think of your good-looking neighbor as "a young adonis."

How to make a guy feel special?

9 Ways To Make Your Significant Other Feel Special
  1. Show your appreciation. ...
  2. Tell them 'I love you' throughout the day. ...
  3. It's in the little things. ...
  4. Try to do at least one nice thing for your partner every day. ...
  5. Give them your undivided attention. ...
  6. Tell them how attracted you are to them.

How do you make a guy blush with compliments?

Give him an unusual compliment.

If you know him well, then compliment a strong, positive personality trait. Say something about how confident, kind, or humorous he is. Compliments are a great way to make someone feel self-conscious and lead to blushing, but in a positive way.

How do you give a man butterflies?

If your husband needs a bit of a nudge, here are some small ways to give the him butterflies he had when you were dating:
  1. Take him on a date. ...
  2. Cook together. ...
  3. Do something active outside together. ...
  4. Rub his back. ...
  5. Give him a framed picture of the two of you. ...
  6. Say thank you. ...
  7. Connect with him emotionally. ...
  8. Take a road trip.
Dec 20, 2016

What text will make him smile?

Cute Love Messages
  • Every moment I spend with you is my favorite.
  • Being in love with you is the best feeling.
  • I know no one is perfect, but you're pretty close.
  • I hope to spend all my tomorrows chasing your perfect smile.
  • Just one message from you is enough to brighten my whole day.
Feb 10, 2023

How to tell a guy he's hot?

“OMG! You are so freaking hot! I love your (insert specific physical attribute here such as eyes, smile, abs, shoulders).” It is one thing to tell a guy that he is good looking, but telling him specifically what makes him so dreamy, will give his ego an extra little lift.

How do you say hi cutely?

How Do You Say Hi In A Cute Way?
  1. “Hey, cutie! How's it going?”
  2. “Hey there, beautiful! What have you been up to so far today?”
  3. “Hey, lovely! How was your day?”
Apr 10, 2023

How do you call a guy hot over text?

Here are some examples:
  1. “I want you so bad. Here. ...
  2. “I love it so much when you do (this) to me.”
  3. “I had a VERY naughty dream last night – you were definitely there…”
  4. “I'm so turned on by enjoying myself while you're watching me. It's so hot…”
  5. “What are you having for dinner tonight?
Mar 11, 2021

What do men like to be called?

Men like being complimented on their appearance, as well as their personality. Nicknames are a great way to express affection and familiarity. "Cutie" or Good-looking" are great nicknames when flirting, while names like "Babe" or "Honey" are better for committed relationships.

How do you show admiration to a man?

Here are 5 ways you can begin to show your partner respect.
  1. Affirm him. Let your partner know how much you support and appreciate his efforts, may they be at work or at home. ...
  2. Ask him for advice. ...
  3. Take time to be friends. ...
  4. Let him be a leader. ...
  5. Have sex with him.
Mar 10, 2021

Do guys like when you say handsome?

However, the efforts of making someone feel special through compliments never go unseen. Men love when their partner calls them handsome because it brings closeness and intimacy to the relationship.


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