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Have you ever stumbled across an acronym on Instagram and thought, “Oh wow, I better consult Urban Dictionary”? You’re not alone. OnInstagram, the initialism, NFS, can mean anything from “need for speed” (1,939,991 posts), to “not for sale” (816,191 posts), to “no filter sky” (104,925 posts), to “no filter selfie” (53,036 posts), and the list goes on.

New social media terms are in endless supply—we usually discover unique "shortcuts" to words or phrases without realizing that they eventually become essential to our everyday language. You might hear more unfamiliar terms or acronyms on social media platforms with large user bases, such as Facebook and Instagram.

The category an abbreviation belongs in often also determines the meaning behind the term. Imagine scrolling through Instagram and stumbling upon the acronym “NFS.” You might think you’re falling behind if the majority of your mutual Instagram connections are already using these unfamiliar social media acronyms.

So, in this blog post, we'll review all the possible answers to the question, "What does NFS mean on Instagram?" and how people use it.

NFS Meaning on Instagram

NFS could be an abbreviation for “network file system”—computer networking or file sharing between computers on networks. It can also stand for Not For Sure to express uncertainty. But, the most commonmeanings of NFS on Instagramare these terms or phrases:

NFS –Need For Speed

The term “need for speed” tops our list as the most popular usage of the initialism on Instagram. Car and racing enthusiasts write this on captions and hashtags for automotive, gaming, and sports content. According toWikipedia, the term "need for speed" (meaning the desire to go fast, usually in a race) originated from the filmTop Gun (1986). In 1994, a game titled Need For Speed was also released—it gained popularity as the abbreviation’s meaning since then.

NFS –Not For Sale

Another common use for this abbreviation is to make known that the content of the user’s post (e.g., non-purchasable collections, crafts, and properties, and items they are no longer selling") is not for sale. #NotForSale and similar hashtags and/or captions also serve as proof of purchase and other creative media content.

NFS –No Filter Sky

There are over a hundred thousand images and videos of skies, taken in various locations and seasons, associated with #NoFilterSky on Instagram. Most no-filter sky content on IG is either landscape, shot from an airplane, or mountain/beach photography.

NFS –No Filter Selfie

To take on the IG #NoFilterSelfie challenge, Instagram users share their selfies and groupies without applying camera filters for image enhancement. Brands or businesses also use this NFS hashtag for their product and service promotion, presenting unedited images of their clients' selfies and other portraits. #NoFilterSelfie also appears on posts for body image empowerment and appreciation.

NFS –No Filter Sunset

People prefer taking pictures during sunset, which makes it a natural camera filter like theGolden Hour. So, similar to the hashtag #NoFilterSky, you'll find all sorts of sky and landscape images with the #NoFilterSunset hashtag on Instagram—similarly including sunset views from various times and locations.

NFS –No Filter Skin

Instagram's #NoFilterSkin encourages people to embrace the beauty of showing natural skin and appearances in unfiltered portraits and photos. There are a lot of #NoFilterSkin posts on Instagram about skincare and other beauty products and treatments, as well.

NFS –New Fashion Style

#NewFashionStyle covers numerous media content for trendy clothes, undergarments, accessories, shoes, and other latest fashion trends.

NFS –Not For Sharing

This hashtag is added when users post about something but won't share more about the information or illustrations they present. You can also add #NotForSharing to your post to keep your followers and other users from sharing or reposting your content. Of course, this hashtag applies to posts about delicious-looking dishes, as well.

NFS –Next Fashion School

Like #NewFashionStyle, this Instagram NFS hashtag covers fashion, modeling, runway photoshoots, fashion design, and sketches.

NFS –No Funny Stuff

One way for someone to express that they don't want any drama or nonsense in their Instagram post or life is to add this hashtag. The #NoFunnyStuff hashtag also appears on product advertisem*nts, such as food and homemade supplement products (which indicates that no additive ingredients are mixed in the product or item they posted).

Another NFS acronym to add to this list is Not Following Specified. According toSocial Buddy, “not following specified” refers to the circ*mstance in which a person follows another user's Instagram profile but is not being followed back by that user.

OnTikTok, the abbreviation NFS means "new friends." So, the meaning and usage of some social media abbreviations may vary depending on the platform.

Other Acronyms and Terms Used On Instagram

Shortening long words or phrases through acronyms and abbreviations facilitates faster information transfer and effectively retains viewers' attention on a variety of social media content. Unlike before, we have only been familiar with common social media acronyms likeLOL(laugh out loud),BTW(by the way),TBT(throw back Thursday), andBRB(be right back). Today, we have more than a hundred (and an increasing number of) abbreviations on social media, like more of these examples on Instagram:

  1. CF- Close Friends

  2. CFS- Close Friends Story or Close Friend Setting

  3. DM- Direct Message

It can also be challenging to differentiate abbreviated words from other texts when written in small caps or combined with other words. Take PTPA on Facebook, for example. The acronym PTPA stands for “permission to post admin” and can be seen on very few Facebook groups. Some Facebook group members write this at the first line of their content to request admin permission and approval on their group posts—this means people might only get used to reading and using certain abbreviations like this when they become very common.

So, you’ve learned aboutwhat NFS means on Instagram—it doesn’t end there. We'll leave you with some more recent initialisms across social networking sites that might also appear unfamiliar:

  1. NGL– Not Gonna Lie

  2. FR– For Real

  3. IRL– In Real Life

  4. ICYMI– In Case You Missed It

  5. IMO– In My Opinion

  6. AFAIK– As Far As I Know

  7. LMK– Let Me Know

  8. IKYK– I Know You Know

  9. FBF– Flashback Friday

  10. SML– So Much Love

  11. TTYL– Talk To You Later

  12. HM– How Much

  13. RFS– Reason For Selling

  14. FYA– For Your Approval

  15. FYR– For Your Reference

  16. WYSIWYG– What You See Is What You Get

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NFS Meaning On Instagram (#nfs) — Intuition Media Group | Influencer Marketing Agency (2024)


What does NFS mean on Instagram slang? ›

NFS is an abbreviation for "Not for Sale" on Instagram. This acronym is commonly used by individuals who want to make it clear that a particular item or post is not available for purchase. It is often used in the context of showcasing personal collections, artwork, or other possessions that hold sentimental value.

What does NFS stand for in social media? ›

NFS is sometimes short for “New friends” when texting or on social media. Sometimes, NFS means someone is looking for new friends. They might post on TikTok, Twitter, or Facebook that they want, or even need, new friends.

What does the abbreviation NFS mean? ›

For instance, “NFS” can mean “Need For Speed” or “Not for Sale” depending on the context.

What does NFS stand for in business? ›

Non-financial information (NFI) provides a clearer picture of a company's financial performance than only financial information.

How do I respond to NFS? ›

If you receive an NFS message, it's courteous to reply as promptly as possible. However, if you're unable to respond immediately, a polite acknowledgment of the message and an estimated response time can be helpful.

What does NFS mean in someone's bio? ›

NFS is also abbreviated as No Funny Stuff. It's used when Instagram friends joke with you, and you don't want them to keep making fun of you, so use this acronym.

What does NFS mean slang Urban Dictionary? ›

According to CurrentSchoolNews, the acronym “NFS” simply stands for “no funny s--t.” The acronym, which is also the same as the definition provided on Urban Dictionary, simply represents being serious about something. Source: GETTY IMAGES.

What is NFS on Snapchat? ›

What does NFS mean on snap stories? Have you come across the term NFS in someone's snap story and wondered what it means? In the world of snap stories, the term stands for Not for Screenshots. When someone includes the acronym in a snap story, they do not want people to take screenshots of the story.

What does NFS mean on Wizz from a girl? ›

11 2023, Published 12:24 p.m. ET. Source: Wizz. The Gist: Wizz is a chat app that allows users to connect based on what they are interested in. NFS is an acronym many on the service use, and it means "need for speed," which is meant to indicate that a message being sent needs a fast reply or acknowledgment.

What does NFS mean in medical? ›

Neuroforaminal stenosis (NFS) Spinal stenosis. Vertebral Fracture. Spondylolisthesis (Vertebral Slippage)

What does NFS mean by a girl? ›

What does NFS mean in text? If someone sends you 'NFS' in a text, they send a serious vibe to show or to make it clear that they're not joking. In such a case, the acronym means No Funny Stuff. NFS can sometimes be used to mean New Friends when texting.


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