How Many of These Text Abbreviations Do You Know? (2024)

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How many do you know?

How Many of These Text Abbreviations Do You Know? (3)

We can all agree that Ree Drummond is the GOAT. Then paired up with her husband Ladd? They are totally the OTP of the Food Network. Are we driving you crazy yet with those text abbreviations? You're definitely not alone if they went right over your head—TBH, they're kind of silly! But alas, those slang terms or abbreviated words are here to stay. People come up with new ones every day, so knowing what the most popular abbreviations mean definitely comes in handy. Maybe you landed here because you received a good morning text that reads, "Gm! Send me your OOTD" or a good night message that reads, "GN, LMK what you're up to TMR." Or, perhaps you had the wrong definition for a term and accidentally used it... well, inappropriately in a text (LOL does not mean "lots of love," FYI 😂).

We've gathered the most common abbreviations and their meaning in text for you to use, whether you're posting a birthday Instagram caption or sending off a quick message. But first, what are text abbreviations and acronyms even for? Typically, they're a cluster of letters that are short for a word or a common grouping of words. These act as a shorthand when writing texts, but they have also moved into social media captions or even spoken conversations.

So, how many of these popular text abbreviations do you know? Sound off in the comments!

How Many of These Text Abbreviations Do You Know? (4)

  • SMH meaning: shaking my head.
  • FOMO meaning: the fear of missing out.
  • IYKYK meaning: if you know, you know.
  • OFC meaning: of course.
  • TLDR meaning: too long; didn't read.
  • ETA meaning: estimated time of arrival.
  • HMU meaning: hit me up.
  • LFG meaning: let's freaking go.
  • ATP meaning: answer the phone.
  • IMO meaning: in my opinion.
  • OTP meaning: one true pairing (a couple that fans prefer to all other couples).
  • ISTG meaning: I swear to God.
  • NGL meaning: not going to lie.
  • PDA meaning: public display of affection.
  • STG meaning: swear to god.
  • TBH meaning: to be honest.
  • UWU meaning: another way of typing an emoticon depicting a cute face.
  • YOLO meaning: you only live once.
  • IIRC meaning: if I recall correctly.
  • MBN meaning: must be nice.
  • OG meaning: original, exceptional, authentic, or old-school.
  • TFW meaning: that feel/feeling when.
  • FTW meaning: for the win.
  • FWIW meaning: for what it's worth
  • LMK meaning: let me know.
  • OOTD meaning: outfit of the day.
  • TTYL meaning: talk to you later.
  • WSG meaning: what's good?
  • WTM meaning: what's the matter?
  • WTV meaning: whatever.
  • WTW meaning: what's the word?
  • BSF meaning: best friend.
  • DBA meaning: don't bother asking.
  • GOAT meaning: the greatest of all time.
  • GRWM meaning: get ready with me.
  • ICYMI meaning: in case you missed it.
  • IRL meaning: in real life.
  • TBD meaning: to be determined.
  • BBL meaning: be back later.
  • WSP meaning: what's up?
  • WYA meaning: where you at?
  • WYM meaning: what you mean?
  • BTS meaning: be there soon.
  • DW meaning: don't worry.
  • FS meaning: for sure.
  • GTS meaning: go to sleep.
  • IKR meaning: I know right.
  • IMY meaning: I miss you.
  • KM meaning: kiss me.
  • NBD meaning: no big deal.
  • ROFL meaning: rolling on floor laughing.
  • TFTI meaning: thanks for the invite.
  • TLC meaning: tender loving care.
  • TMI meaning: to much information.
  • TTM meaning: talk to me.
  • EOD meaning: end of discussion or end of day.
  • LTR meaning: long-term relationship.
  • NVM meaning: never mind.
  • OML meaning: oh my Lord.

How Many of These Text Abbreviations Do You Know? (5)

  • TGIF meaning: thank God it's Friday.
  • WYO meaning: what you on?
  • ATM meaning: at the moment.
  • BRB meaning: be right back.
  • BTW meaning: by the way.
  • DTM meaning: doing too much.
  • HBU meaning: how 'bout you?
  • IDK meaning: I don't know.
  • ION meaning: in other news.
  • LOL meaning: laugh out loud.
  • MBN meaning: must be nice.
  • SOP meaning: soppy; overly emotional.
  • TBA meaning: to be announced.
  • TBT meaning: throwback Thursday.
  • WBU meaning: what 'bout you?
  • WDYM meaning: what do you mean?
  • Y2K meaning: you're too kind.
  • YH meaning: yeah.
  • YW meaning: you're welcome.
  • AMA meaning: ask me anything.
  • BYOB meaning: bring your own beverage.
  • DND meaning: do not disturb.
  • ESP meaning: especially.
  • GYAT meaning: get your act together.
  • HODL meaning: hold on for dear life.
  • HRU meaning: how are you?
  • ILY meaning: I love you.
  • IMHO meaning: in my humble opinion.
  • IMK meaning: in my knowledge.
  • LOML meaning: love of my life.
  • MB meaning: my bad.
  • MFW meaning: my face when.
  • NTM meaning: not too much.
  • OTW meaning: on my way.
  • PPD meaning: postponed.
  • SMT meaning: sucking my teeth.
  • XD meaning: an emoticon denoting laughter.
  • :3 meaning: an emoticon denoting a coy smile.
  • AFAIK meaning: as far as I know.
  • BFF meaning: best friends forever.
  • DL meaning: down low; keep something secret.
  • DNC meaning: do not care.
  • DTR meaning: define the relationship.
  • DTS meaning: don't think so.
  • OMG meaning: oh my God.
  • JK meaning: just kidding.
  • BC meaning: because.
  • TYSM meaning: thank you so much.
  • NP meaning: no problem.
  • HBD meaning: happy birthday.
  • GM meaning: good morning.
  • GN meaning: good night.
  • TMR meaning: tomorrow.

How Many of These Text Abbreviations Do You Know? (6)

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How Many of These Text Abbreviations Do You Know? (2024)


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