Flax Seed Gel Is The Super Ingredient You Need For Your Hair | Grazia India (2024)

All you need to know about using flax seed gel for hair

Flax Seed Gel Is The Super Ingredient You Need For Your Hair | Grazia India (1)

Flaxseed comes from the flax plant which was popular among the Egyptians in ancient times for both nutrition as well as in combination with medicine. The plant has regained prevalence in recent times as a strong functional food with high α-linolenic acid (ALA, an omega-3 fatty acid), lignans, and fibre contents. Including flax seeds in daily consumption of flax seeds helps in reducing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and arthritis. They are also known to support the immune and neurological systems.

Flax seeds are also beneficial for hair and scalp health. Flax seeds are more quickly absorbed when they are taken as flax oil, gel, or the ground form. That being said, including them in your diet is a sure way to get glossier, stronger, thicker and less frizzy hair while its oil/gel is excellent for hair hydration.

What Is Flax Seed Gel?

Flax Seed Gel Is The Super Ingredient You Need For Your Hair | Grazia India (2)

Flaxseed gel is a natural product made by a process that consists of boiling flaxseed in water until it becomes gelatinous. The gel has retinoids, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals that support the scalp and hair growth, leaving them healthy and shining. It has a versatile property that works as a moisturiser and helps to seal hair cuticles stimulating hair growth.

Benefits of Flaxseed Gel for Hair

Hair Growth

Flaxseed gel is believed to promote hair growth through several mechanisms. Being high in content of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium, and selenium makes flaxseed gel a requirement for optimal health of hair follicles and for providing natural growth stimulus. Flaxseed gel boasts one of the highest plant-based omega-3 fatty acids content. Inflammation is always connected to losing hair and these fatty acids are anti-inflammatory components, thus supporting a healthy scalp environment for hair growth.

Flaxseed gel is also very moisture-binding and helps locks get back their moisture. Keeping your moisture levels at an optimum level is of utmost importance for hair breakage prevention and also maintenance of good hair health. The protein content in the linen gel can aid in the reinforcement of the hair fibres, thus lowering the rate of splitting at the end and breaking the hair. Flax seed gel may also help the scalp's health by calming irritation and averting dandruff. Hair growth depends greatly on the health of the scalp because it will yield follicles striving for optimal nourishing.

Lustrous Hair

The flaxseed gel is an ingredient that provides moisturising to hair by keeping the moisture intact in the shaft of the hair, making it look lustrous. The micronutrients supply the exact amount of nutrients the hair follicle needs to promote head hair's growth and strengthening leading to a shinier and richer texture. Linen gel, due to its smoothening effect, is quite helpful in taming frizz and fiers. Building a barrier between the hair and surrounding elements helps to minimise moisture loss and keeps your strands looking neat and radiant. A flaxseed gel is also an alternative natural way of caring about your hair without the use of chemical products. It tends to be light on the hair and scalp and, hence regular use won't damage or cause build-up irritating your hair, making sure that the shine does not fade.

Premature Greying

The nutrients in flax seed gel are critical in supporting successful hair growth, which some academicians believe could also be important in the prevention of premature greying of hair. Flax seed gel may give the scalp the essential nutrients to stay in its well-balanced state of the follicles. Maintaining the hair-moisture balance by using flax-seed gel might ward off the breakability and brittleness, which may gradually contribute to greying. Scalp inflammation aggravates the hair’s health and hastens the recall of white hair. Flax seed gel helps reduce inflammation therefore the hair whitening process may positively turn around if inflammation is alleviated.

Scalp Care

Flaxseed gel plays an important role in balancing the moisture levels in the scalp. Good hydration is the foundation for scalp health and this is achieved by preventing scaliness, dryness, and itchiness. Adequately hydrating the scalp boosts the efficiency of the follicles, and as a result, it contributes to new hair development. The regular application of flaxseed gel will help to see that the scalp is properly fed with nutrients essential for scalp nutrition. The process of inflammation in the scalp causes the appearance of various scalp conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis and eczema more often. Flaxseed gel with its anti-inflammatory properties can be very beneficial in restoring the balance of the scalp and hence reducing such symptoms and promoting a healthier scalp. Flaxseed gel has properties which are calming and cooling and can be used to soothe the scalp that is irritated by pollutants or product build-ups.

How To Make Flax Seed Gel At Home?

Flax Seed Gel Is The Super Ingredient You Need For Your Hair | Grazia India (3)

It is quite easy to make flaxseed gel at home. To do it, one needs only to prepare a few ingredients. The ingredients required for making flax gel hair are 1/4 cup flaxseeds, 2 cups water, a saucepan, a strainer or cheesecloth and a glass jar for storage.


Prepare Flaxseeds: Thoroughly rinse the flaxseeds with cold water so that you get any soil or dirt out.

Boil Water: Boil water in a saucepan and wait until it is fully boiled

Add Flaxseeds: Once the water has boiled, put the rinsed flaxseeds in it.

Simmer: Lower the heat and boil for 10-15 minutes until the flaxseeds have softened into the water. Stir halfway through, to prevent the flax seeds from sticking to the pan.

Observe Consistency: The water would begin to thicken and create a gelatinous consistency as the mixture starts to simmer. Watch out for the mixture not to get very thick. Try to add more water for the right consistency.

Strain: After turning off the stove, strain the gel through a sieve or a cheesecloth into a clean container. Squeeze out the gel.

Cool and Store: The gel should be allowed to cool down completely. Make use of a glass jar or bottle that seals very tightly to then store the gel.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of this recipe:

The consistency of the gel can be easily changed simply by adding or removing water from it. You will find a thinner gel with a larger amount of water, while with less water, you will get a thicker gel.

To enhance the health aspects you can add 3 or 4 drops of essential oil say lavender rosemary or aloe vera gel into the flaxseed gel after straining it out.

It is recommended to use it within a week after putting it in the refrigerator.

How To Use Flax Seed Gel For Hair?

Apply flax seed gel on your hair and scalp and leave it on for some time before rinsing. It can also be used in different hair masks by mixing it with honey, banana or yoghurt. Whenever it is applied make sure that hair is damp, and use a towel to remove excess water. Use a wide-tooth comb to evenly apply the hair in different partitions of the hair. Focus on areas that are more frizzy and damage-prone.

For curly hair make sure to scrunch hair after applying the gel. Once hair is washed and dried use flax seed gel to smooth out frizzes. Experiment with the amount of gel to find the right amount for your hair volume. Flax seed gel can be used as a stand-alone styling product as well, or by layering it with other hair products.

How To Prep Your Hair And Apply It?

Before applying the flax seed gel, make sure that the hair is damp. Remove any excess water with the help of a towel. Section the damp hair into various parts for ease of application. Take the required amount of gel and apply it throughout each section. Make sure that each section is properly layered in gel. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to even out the application. Once done, leave it to dry out for a while and rinse it off. Dry it out using a blow dryer for a sleek finish.


Can we apply flaxseed gel directly on the hair?

Yes, flax seed gel can be applied directly to the hair. It can be applied on damp hair before washing or as a leave-in conditioner on dry hair.

Are there any side effects of using flaxseed gel on hair?

Flax seed gel is generally safe and ideal for use. However, there might be some exceptions where you could be allergic to flax seeds. In that case, a patch test is recommended and any case of irritation should be dealt with immediately with the help of a healthcare professional.

How long to boil flaxseed for gel?

Boiling is done until the seeds release the gel into the water and boiling time can depend upon the desired consistency of the gel. Longer boiling time will result in thicker gel and vice versa.

Can I apply flaxseed gel daily?

Yes, you can apply flax seed gel daily unless you are allergic to it.

Flax Seed Gel Is The Super Ingredient You Need For Your Hair | Grazia India (2024)


Is flax seed gel good for your hair? ›

According to research, the fatty acids in flaxseed gel aid in fluid retention. This helps the hair seem glossy and silky. They are also high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to benefit the tresses by keeping them healthy and preventing dryness, particularly during the cold season.

Does flaxseed thicken hair? ›

2. Strengthens the Hair. The omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed help reinforce the hair shaft, reducing breakage and promoting a healthier, thicker hair boom.

What to mix with flaxseed gel for hair? ›

Simmer 1/2 cup whole flax seeds in 2 cups water until the water reduces to half and becomes gooey and gel-like. Strain as shown and add 1 tsp vit E oil to 1 cup gel. Mix and apply as shown and massage. Use a shampoo after 2 hours.

Does flaxseed gel block DHT? ›

There is strong evidence, from animal and human studies, that flaxseed is a potent antiandrogen that inhibits DHT. In line with this, there is some preliminary evidence supporting its role as a hair growth agonist. In addition, it is a very rich source of nutrients in the form of phenols, flavonoids, and lignans.

Should I wash my hair after applying flaxseed gel before? ›

To use flaxseed gel as a hair mask, Arnold suggests pouring a small amount into your hands and massaging it directly into your hair. Leave on for up to 15 minutes, rinse, and shampoo as normal. You can also use it as a pre-conditioning rinse after shampooing as well.

Can flaxseed stop hair fall? ›

Yes, adding flaxseed to your diet may help improve overall hair health and foster hair growth. You can add raw or crushed flaxseed to meals like oatmeal, salads, and grains.

What are the side effects of flaxseed in hair? ›

Residue and Texture Issues: Flaxseed-based gel may leave a residue on the hair's outer covering, causing it to feel crunchy or sticky. This can affect the texture and feel of the hair [3]. Flaking: Flaking is another possible side effect, resembling dandruff.

Is it better to put flaxseed on wet or dry hair? ›

Flaxseed Gel should be applied to wet or damp hair, so that the product is distributed more evenly. When the product is applied to dry hair it doesn't absorb as well and you may run into issues like flaking.

Does flaxseed repair damaged hair? ›

The vitamin E found in flaxseed plays a crucial role in preventing and repairing damaged hair. Using flaxseed oil has many benefits for hair. It is known to fight free radicals and reduce scalp inflammation. It can also add lustre to your hair while increasing its elasticity.

Can we add olive oil in flaxseed gel for hair? ›

However, if you don't have any oils, you can leave them out. At this point, you can also add 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of olive oil, shea butter, or aloe vera gel, which will create a thicker consistency. Tea tree oil or lavender oil are good options, as they can extend the life of the gel from 2 weeks to 1-2 months.

What happens if we apply flaxseed gel on hair daily? ›

Flaxseed gel is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help nourish the hair follicles and promote a healthier scalp environment. By keeping the scalp moisturised and maintaining the hair's health, flaxseed gel can create a favourable environment for optimal hair growth.

How to remove DHT from scalp permanently? ›

How to reduce DHT on scalp? To reduce DHT on scalp, use natural DHT-blocking shampoos containing saw palmetto, green tea, or pumpkin seed oil. Massage your scalp gently while washing to remove oils that contribute to higher DHT levels. Consider supplements like pumpkin seed extract or stinging nettle root.

Does flaxseed reduce frizzy hair? ›

No, using flaxseed gel will improve your hair texture, reduce frizziness and thicken them without harming them. It's a natural ingredient that helps restore hair health and shine.

Can I leave flaxseed gel on my scalp? ›

To use Flax seed as a scalp treatment, you need to apply flax seed gel directly to the scalp and massage it gently. Leave it on for 30 minutes to an hour before washing it off with a gentle shampoo. This treatment will help soothe and moisturize the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.

Which is better for hair flaxseed gel or aloe vera gel? ›

Aloe vera's soothing properties help alleviate scalp irritation, while flaxseed's omega-3 fatty acids nourish the scalp and promote a healthy environment for hair growth. Together, they work to combat dandruff, reduce inflammation, and promote overall scalp health.

Should I use conditioner after flaxseed gel? ›

If you have incredibly dry hair, you could certainly use a moisturizing conditioner after you shampoo, and then rinse it out. However, I do not do this, as it seems to make the gel not hold as well. After washing, let your hair dry.


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